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Solo Instrumental

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Solo Instrumental: Compositions


alto trombone

This piece was composed for William Lang in the Spring of 2020. ekphrasis takes a non-traditional approach to virtuosity by utilizing fragile, high flutters, overpressure multiphonics, and extremes of range. 


bass clarinet
ca. 5' - variable

lascivious/lecherous was composed for Heather Roche's "Multiphonic Miniatures" project, and she was kind enough to read and record this for me. This piece focuses on instability by using delicate overblown multiphonics at very low dynamics. 

what i wanted to say was

alto flute
3' 20"

This piece was composed for Robin Meiksins as a part of her series called Makeup Music. what i wanted to say was is based on a neutral color palette, and utilizes two neutral scales with an emphasis on neutral intervals. This is contrasted with the wide palette of colors available on the alto flute.

coffee in the mourning

two quarter tone pianos
3' 20"

This piece is composed for two pianos, one of which is tuned down a quarter step. coffee in the mourning is in no strict meter, and is meant to feel floating and arhythmic. It uses very close harmonies to emphasize the quarter tones, and how those quarter tones change the perceived timbres of the pianos. coffee in the mourning can be heard on Jacob Mason's album refract. 


two quarter tone pianos
4' 10"

Composed for Jacob Mason, lovemademe is composed for two pianos, one of which is tuned down a quarter step. The piece is loosely based on the ninth circle of hell according to Dante, in which people are encased in ice, the ultimate punishment being total isolation. As such, lovemademe attempts to achieve a feeling of timelessness and isolation. This piece can be heard on Jacob Mason's album refract. 

 “Love, that in gentle heart is quickly learnt,

Entangled him by that fair form, from me        

Ta’en in such cruel sort, as grieves me still:

Love, that denial takes from none beloved,

Caught me with pleasing him so passing well,

That, as thou seest, he yet deserts me not.

Love brought us to one death"
Inferno, Canto V, v. 99-105

passing place

10' 30"

passing place was composed for Jacob Mason. It emphasizes the drone stops, allowing for two separate sound worlds; that of the drones and that of the keyed notes.

four movements

toy piano
approx. 5'

four movements is comprised of four minatures for toy piano. these miniatures are designed to highlight the variance that can occur between different toy pianos. 

self portrait


self portrait was composed in January 2020 while procrastinating on a larger project. soft, floating harmonies explore various colors of the piano throughout all its registers.

folklore, and as follows

solo double bass

folklore, and as follows utilizes two layers throughout the piece. the first is a constant tremolo on an open string, and the second is left hand pizz. these two layers occur simultaneously to showcase the differences in timbre and dynamic that are possible. this piece is meant to be performed freely, with no strict rhythmic indications.

unless it keeps you up at night

solo piano

this piece was composed in the summer of 2018 as a way to relieve the stress of finishing my thesis. it was then edited in the spring of 2019.

free verse for euphonium

solo euphonium

free verse for euphonium explores the various timbral and dynamic possibilities of the euphonium in three movements. This is done through alternate timbral fingerings, soft dynamics throughout, mutes, and extended technique. These movements were written in the composer's bedroom between the hours of two and three in the morning.

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